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Delicious Cousine

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 Menu di Novembre
  • menu of the month


A fresh aperitif served with a delicious appetizer created by the chef


Crema di zucca con code di aragostine

Delicious creamy pumpkin soup with lobster tails.

Kr. 98,-

Recommended Wine: Capolemole Bianco -Marco Carpineti -Lazio

Marco Carpineti has been producing wine on the hills of the Lepini-mountains only 56 kilometers from Rome since 1986.
In time the vineyard has changed their production to biodynamic farming and no longer uses chemical insecticides or synthetic fertilizers. Instead, the unique terrain is allowed to develop the wine.
In the glass the Campolemole Bianco presents itself as a clear, straw coloured wine with a charming, spicy aroma, where hazelnuts meet green apples and hawthorn.
The taste is balanced, fresh and full bodied with a great acid.
It has loads of character and complexity, which means that the Campolemole Bianco
can challenge anything from fish and seafood to creamy soups and risotto.

Gl. kr. 89,- 1/1 fl. kr. 389,-

Secondo Piatto/Main Course

Filetto di cervo con salsa al vino rosso e mirtilli rossi

Roasted filet of deer with a red wine sauce and red berries.
Served with the garnish of the day.

Kr. 259,-

Recommended Wine: Vallone Salento Rosso-Puglia

This Salento Rosso is made from 100% Negroamaro-grapes whic have gotten a little extra drying time on the vines
before the harvest, hereby the name Appassimento – a word which comes from appassire
which directly translated means withering.
The method "appasimento" is closely related to, and inspired by, the making of Amarone
 – the world’s most famous type of wine made from dried grapes.
The wine has a rub red colour with pomegranate nuances and an intense fruity fragrance, which is characterized by matured berries, dark ripe plums, prunes, light raisins and a detectable sweetness.
In the mouth it is sweet, medium bodied without being too much, and inviting with a little leftover sweetness.

Gl. kr. 108,- 1/1 fl. kr. 498,-


Choose between:

1. Formaggi misti italiani

A selection of Italian cheeses.

Kr. 98,-

Recommended wine: A variating red wine adjusted to the cheeses of the day

Gl. kr. 79,- 1/1 fl. kr. 298,-

2. Torta con farina di nocciola, ricotta e pere sfumate con liquore Amaretto

Classic Italian tart with a nougat pastry, ricotta cheese and pears flambeed with Amaretto liqueur.

Kr. 89,-

Recommended Wine: Brachetto D’Acqui-Piemonte

A bubbly wine made from Brachetto-grapes harvested between the fields in certain parts of the provinces Asti and Alessandria, near Acqui Terme, which gives the wine its name.
This bubbly Brachetto opens up a very special experience. It is fresh, cheerful, bubbly yet deep in its aftertaste.
Clean red Brachetto-grapes have a short fermentation period along with the shells, which gives it its very pretty colour.
The carbonic acid content derives from natural fermentation.
 It has a light ruby red colour and a sweet, aromatic taste of strawberries as well as hints of violets,
geranium and fresh fruit such as pomegranate.

Gl. kr. 79,- 1/1 fl. kr. 269,-

3 courses: starter - main course - dessert or cheese and aperitif and appetizer kr.- 328,-
4 courses: starter - main course - dessert - cheese and aperitif and appetizer kr.- 398,-

For our Monthly Menu we recommend a closely selected Wine menu. (Wine Menu for 3 courses kr. 219,- Wine Menu for 4 courses kr. 268.) Monthly Menu + Wine Menu for 3 courses: Kr. 547,-
Monthly Menu + Wine Menu for 4 Courses: Kr,- 666,-.

1 glass of wine will be served with each course.

N.B The Menu cannot be changed

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