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Delicious Cousine

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 Menu di Ottobre
  • menu of the month


A fresh aperitif served with a delicious appetizer created by the chef


Tortino di riso alla pescatora con salsa all’arrabbiata

Delicious portion of rice with a mix of seafood fried in Virgin Olive oil, garlic and chili.
Served with a spicy tomato sauce.

Kr. 98,-

Recommended Wine: Anthilia Sicilia Bianco, Donnafugata

The Donnafugata translates to”woman on the run” and refers to Queen Maria Carolina,
who once upon a time sought refuge in what is today the fields of the Donnafugata,
because she was being followed by Napoleon’s troops.
The incident inspired the logo of Donnafugata’s bottles, which is of a woman with the wind in her hair.
Anthìlia refers to the name which the Roman’s gave the city of Entella,
where one of Donnafugata’s vineyards (Entellina) is situated.
Anthìlia is the first wine Donnafugata made and is today among the greatest successes in the house.
Grapes: Primarily Carratto together with other native grapes.
Maturation: The wine is matured 2 months on steel tanks and 2 months on the bottle.
Fresh and dainty with fruity hints of green apples, peaches and citrus fruits.

Gl. kr. 89,- 1/1 fl. kr. 389,-

Secondo Piatto/Main Course

Fagottini di vitello con speck, pecorino e salsa al vino bianco

Roasted, sliced filet of veal stuffed with Pecorino cheese and speck.
 Served with white wine and the garnish of the day.

Kr. 259,-

Recommended Wine: Il Passo IGT, Nerello Mascalese, Zabu Sicilien

Made from the local grape Nerello Mascalese from vines planted in the area of Sambuca di Sicilia,
(300-500 metersabove sea level).
The warm, dry wind from North Africa combined with the vines being trimmed of leaves and branches
as soon as the grapes are completely ripe results in the grapes losing up to 30 % of the water content
and are therefore extremely concentrated as the maturation begins.
The extra period of drying on the vines before maturation is similar to the process of the Ripasso method in Veneto,
where some farmers dry the grapes before maturing them to achieve a higher concentration.
Full bodied and intense with rounded tannins and hints of ripe cherries, plums and spices.

Gl. kr. 108,- 1/1 fl. kr. 498,-


Choose between:

1. Formaggi misti italiani

A selection of Italian cheeses.

Kr. 98,-

Recommended wine: A variating red wine adjusted to the cheeses of the day

Gl. kr. 79,- 1/1 fl. kr. 298,-

2. Torta di mele con yoghurt e crema alla vaniglia con liquore all’arancio

Classic Italian apple tart with yoghurt and vanilla custard with orange liqueur.

Kr. 89,-

Recommended Dessert Wine: Malvasia Rosso Spumante Dolce, Piemonte

The wine has a beautiful cherry red colour, with lovely little bubbles.
The fragrance is aromatic, with hints of roses and red forest berries.
The taste is fresh and aromatic with a lovely sweetness which is supported from the nice bubbles.
The wine solely contains 6,5% alcohol and can be enjoyed in large gulps

Gl. kr. 79,- 1/1 fl. kr. 269,-

3 courses: starter - main course - dessert or cheese and aperitif and appetizer kr.- 328,-
4 courses: starter - main course - dessert - cheese and aperitif and appetizer kr.- 398,-

For our Monthly Menu we recommend a closely selected Wine menu. (Wine Menu for 3 courses kr. 219,- Wine Menu for 4 courses kr. 268.) Monthly Menu + Wine Menu for 3 courses: Kr. 547,-
Monthly Menu + Wine Menu for 4 Courses: Kr,- 666,-.

1 glass of wine will be served with each course.

N.B The Menu cannot be changed

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