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Menu di Giugno
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A fresh aperitif served with a delicious appetizer created by the chef


Insalata di mare alla Fellini

Classic Italian fish and seafood salad with vegetables.

Kr. 98,-

Recommended Wine: Soave Classico"Otto"

Otto is a classic Soave made from 100% Garganega grown on volcanic soil.
The wine is yellow green with a medium intensity. The fragrance is expressive with floral notes and crisp fruit. The aroma presents itself with hints of sea buckthorn, jasmine as well as exotic ripe stone fruits such as ripe peaches and apricots. It has a medium body, with fresh and juicy fruit and clear mineral hints. The aftertaste invites to hazel nuts, almonds and other nut shell aromas.

Gl. kr. 89,- 1/1 fl. kr. 389,-

Secondo Piatto/Main Course

Tagliata di Manzo alla griglia con parmigiano, scalogno e riduzione di Balsamico

Grilled and sliced filet of beef with parmesan flakes, shallots and reduced balsamic vinegar.
Served with the garnish of the day.

Kr. 259,-

Recommended Wine: Cannonau Di Sardegna "Lillove"

Giuseppe Gabbas' Lillové is made mostly from Cannonau-grapes from a 9 acres field situated in app. 320 meter’s height with a granite rich soil. Furthermore, it contains app. 10% Muristellu, a local and lesser-known grape. In the glass it presents itself with a ruby red colour with a medium colour concentration. Its fragrance is expressive and open with a delicious, sweet and ripe red fruit and some floral hints. Moreover, it has a delightful, light and delicately herby garrigue-feature which adds a bit of edge to the wine and provides it with the typical Mediterranean character. The taste is impressive with a good body, silky tannins, fresh juiciness and a good acid.

Gl. kr. 108,- 1/1 fl. kr. 498,-


Choose between:

1. Formaggi misti italiani

A selection of Italian cheeses.

Kr. 98,-

Recommended wine: A variating red wine adjusted to the cheeses of the day

Gl. kr. 79,- 1/1 fl. kr. 298,-

2. Fragolata con sorbetto al limone e limoncello (kr. 89,-)

Fragolata (”strawberryness”) is a typical dessert from Acerno,
a city in the province of Salerno, which is famous for the quality of its wild strawberries.
The strawberries are lightly seasoned with sugar, lemon juice and limoncello liqueur. Served with a lemon sherbet.

Kr. 89,-

Recommended Wine: Brachetto D’Acqui-Piemonte

A bubbly wine made from Brachetto-grapes harvested between the fields in certain parts of the provinces Asti and Alessandria, near Acqui Terme, which gives the wine its name.
This bubbly Brachetto opens up a very special experience. It is fresh, cheerful, bubbly yet deep in its aftertaste.
Clean red Brachetto-grapes have a short fermentation period along with the shells, which gives it its very pretty colour.
The carbonic acid content derives from natural fermentation. It has a light ruby red colour and a sweet, aromatic taste of strawberries as well as hints of violets, geranium and fresh fruit such as pomegranate.

Gl. kr. 79,- 1/1 fl. kr. 269,-

3 courses: starter - main course - dessert or cheese and aperitif and appetizer kr.- 328,-
4 courses: starter - main course - dessert - cheese and aperitif and appetizer kr.- 398,-

For our Monthly Menu we recommend a closely selected Wine menu. (Wine Menu for 3 courses kr. 219,- Wine Menu for 4 courses kr. 268.) Monthly Menu + Wine Menu for 3 courses: Kr. 547,-
Monthly Menu + Wine Menu for 4 Courses: Kr,- 666,-.

1 glass of wine will be served with each course.

N.B The Menu cannot be changed

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